Neil Simon’s successful play The Odd Couple was rewritten for a female cast. Our odd couple were played by Felicity Lund and Liz Tomlin

Miss Pilgrim’s Progress

Liz Tomlin and Jackie Lucas in a scene from Miss Pilgrim’s Progress, one of a trio of plays in an evening of Laughter and Tears.

A Month of Sundays

Set in a care home this play featured a cantankerous resident whose family visited him monthly. Pictured: Craig Phelan, John Tomlin and Felicty Lund.

Melodrama set at the turn of the century. Pictured are Guy Hudson and Tabytha Andrews-Speed

Ladies in Retirement

On Golden Pond

This classic play was made famous by the film version starring Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn. John Tomlin and Di Brook played the lead roles.

The Cemetery Club

Three widows - played by (from left): Liz Tomlin, Felicity Lund and Jackie Lucas set out to enjoy life after their husbands die.

The Female Odd Couple

Wife After Death

When a well-known comedian dies his family and friends discover dark secrets from his past. Pictured are Susan Power and Jackie Lucas.


While the wife is away the husband tries his hand at infidelity but his plans are thwarted by his son and daughter. John Tomlin and Sally Harling are pictured.

 “The Sunshine Boys” staged in May 2015. This Neil Simon play was directed by Liz Tomlin and appearing were John Tomlin, Guy Hudson, Scott Carty, Jacky Lucas, Tabytha Andrews-Speed, Anna Robinson and Cyril Mighall

The Sunshine Boys Caramba’s Revenge

Direccted by Felicity Lund Life & Beth, by Alan Ayckbourn, was staged in October 2015. It tells the story of Beth whose recently departed husband comes back as a ghost, still trying to run her life. The cast were Liz Tomlin in the lead role, supported by Anna Robinson, Scott Carty, John Tomlin, Andy Roberts and Nicola Walton.

This farce by William Norfolk was staged in May 2016. Directed by John Tomlin it tells how a group of widows form a co-operative but as the cost of living rises they quickly realise that they need to reduce their numbers. Murder is afoot. The cast were Jennifer Hyde, Anna Robinson, Liz Tomlin, Scott Carty, Nicola Walton, Felicity Lund and Eileen Jackman.

Life & Beth

This play was the poignant story of five women whose friendships began many years previously on their college swim team. They  met up every August to recharge those relationships at the same beach cottage in North Carolina to catch up, laugh and meddle in each other’s lives. This play spanned a period of 33 years. As the years passed these five women increasingly relied on one another through advice and raucous repartee, to get through the challenges (men, sex, parenting, marriage, divorce, aging) that life flung at them. And when fate threw a spanner into one of their lives, these women proved the enduring power of friendship.  Staged in May 2017.